Small Gift Set

Small Gift Set

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Set includes 1-4 ounce candle and matches in gift box


All candles are hand poured in Montgomery,AL with pure soy wax,cotton wick and premium selected fragrance oils.

Trim wick before each lighting 1/4 inch to insure longer cleaner burning and allow candle to melt fully.


Pink Suga- Vanilla + Caramel + Cotton Candy

White Linen- Soft Linen + Sandalwood

Sweet Milk + Lavender- Lavender + Coconut Milk

Grace- Cashmere + Vanilla + Pear

Sweet Home- Cinnamon Sticks + Clove + Vanilla

Cranberry Marmalade- Orange + Cranberry + Vanilla

O’ Christmas Tree- Balsam + Fir Trees + Eucalyptus

Winter Wonderland- Red Current + Lemon Peel + Peppermint