Car Air Freshener- Fall Flower

Car Air Freshener- Fall Flower

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Set includes 1 Car Air Freshener and 1 oz bottle of oil. 

Just drop a dropper full of oil on the wool ball and your car will be filled with the aromas you enjoy! Stronger oils will have the most fragrant and longer lasting results. Re- Apply as needed (normally once a week or every other week). 

 The cord is left untied so you are able to customize the length to your rearview mirror.

All clays are hand-mixed and molded so slight discrepancies may occur. Being perfectly imperfect is the beauty of handmade items. Each will be unique and made just for you! 


Pink Suga- Vanilla + Caramel + Cotton Candy

White Linen- Soft Linen + Sandalwood

Sweet Milk & Lavender- Coconut Milk + Lavender

Grace- Cashmere + Vanilla + Pear

Havana- Tobacco + Vanilla + Bergamot

Lemon Zest- Lemongrass + Lime + Vanilla

Summer Nights- Lemon + Lavender + Eucalyptus

Seaside- Sea Salt + Lush Greens + Tonka Beans

Watermelon Mint- Watermelon + Mint + Pineapple

Bamboo Palm- Pineapple + Coconut + Hibiscus

Morning Mimosas- Orange + Plum + Vanilla

Pink Magnolia- Bergamot + Peony + Amber

Autumn Leaves- Clove + Nutmeg + Apples

Spiced Chai- Pumpkin + Honey + Cinnamon

Pumpkin Waffles- Waffles + Butter + Brown Sugar

Hot Ruby- Cinnamon + Cider + Red Wine

Coffee Shop- Glazed Doughnuts+ Heavy Cream + Black Coffee

Apple Butter Cookies- Brown Sugar, Rich Butter, Spicy Apples